Natural products!
Geaherb brand products combine elements of ancient power of nature, such as clay, medicinal plants, timber...
Our motto is: Products, backed by nature!


Clay imprint of a properly picked medicinal plant is preserved as its information. Due to the clay's high absorption power it can maintain the natural frequency of plants. Hand-shaped Geaherb products have therefore special healing properties. The color of the product is selected according to the ancient traditional medicine of Ayurveda.

are made of quality Slovenian wood. Wood is a natural element that has been widely appreciated by our ancestors. In order to preserve its natural shininess and pleasantness to the touch, we have used natural herbal oils during the process of creation of these massagers. Herbal mixture is prepared using an ancient recipe that remedies a tired body and rheumatism. It contains thyme, arnica, peppermint, melissa and leaves of wild strawberries.


Cooking in clay containers is one of the oldest and most natural ways of preparing food. Clay material is like a live mother earth full of medicinal substances and minerals, which are being integrated into the food during the cooking. Baked dishes, sauces, risottos, soups, roasts and other dishes that are prepared in containers made of clay, obtain a specific, detectable taste and are as such perfectly balanced for the body.



Made from natural assemblies, with natural flavorings and colorings, and extracts from medicinal plants, without any artificial additives, these unique herbal sweets combine health with sweetness. They are also suitable as a gift to all who appreciate the elegant, high-quality products from natural ingredients, they are both tasty and healthy.


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